Friday, 29 July 2011


My last post was written in the wind and rain and today couldn't be more different. Yesterday was a slight blip but apart from that it has been sunny, warm and mainly calm for the last couple of weeks. However after the recent spell of very good sightings they have slowed down over the last couple of weeks. The last 2 days though have brought about some less seen wildlife, Bottlenose Dolphins yesterday and then Orca or Killer Whales today.

Orca can pass through at anytime but it has been a couple of years since any of the wildlife trip boats from Tobermory have seen these so it's very exciting. At the minute the individuals haven't been identified but there were 2 adults and 1 calf or juvenile. It seems like they have headed off now in the direction of Treshnish so hopefully some of the other boats from there will have caught up with them.

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