Saturday, 30 March 2013

Dry but crisp start to the season

As the season gets under way the glorious weather stays with us nice dry sunny days with a real chill in the air but once again we manage to miss the snow the boat trips have started with great sightings of the white tailed eagles playing in bloody bay as well as the golden eagles tussling with the ravens in the bay. whilst harbour porpoise play in the water around the boats, the seals hide from the wind on the rocks around Calve island & the otter is now being seen daily feeding around the boats in Tobermory harbour but please take care whilst driving down the main st because the otter has a tendancy to run infront of vehicles especially in the area of the co-op.
On land as the season starts and all the attractions open their doors to the public and the town starts getting busy and spring is beginning to appear the birds are full of spring song the eagles have started laying in their nests around the island the red deer are chewing the heads of the daffodil buds and awaiting that first bite of lush spring grass.
no whales have been reported off the whalewatches leaving Tobermory however Calmac ferries and their passengers this morning reported seeing a sperm whale just out of Oban what a fantastic start to the season.

Friday, 15 March 2013

As spring pulls back the curtains

As spring pulls back its curtains and the daffodils and snowdrops burst into full bloom, whilst the primroses and violets begin to open their new buds to the fresh spring air as the days draw out and the spring lambs are born in the fresh growing spring pastures, the trees begin to awaken and the birds look for their nesting sites for this years fledglings to hatch.
The eagles have returned to their nests, Red deer begin slowly but surely move to higher ground as the daily temperature rises and the days get brighter and longer.
On a fishy note whilst expecting the cetaceans to move back into the waters as the water temperature rises and the plankton on nice hot sunny days will begin to bloom making plenty of food for the basking sharks to start appearing along the coastline in may, as well as mackerel moving into local waters to be caught from the shore.
This year we are glad to welcome an otter back into Tobermory, seen very regularly all around the pontoons and in the bay catching its prey from the sea bed.
We are now getting ready for this year's season on the island opens its doors on the 23rd of March for the Visitor Information and now taking bookings for many land and sea tours.