Friday, 12 August 2011

Occasional visitor seen and wild weather

Last week had fantastic sightings, there was another sighting of 2 Orca this time just seen from the land at Ardnamurchan Lighthouse. This was once a land station for volunteers doing Cetacean surveys and although there are now no organised watches it is still a fantastic place from which to look out for marine wildlife.

Another special sighting was last Friday when the first Sunfish of the season was seen. This tropical species is seen occasionally during the later summer months, when they come to our waters to feed on the abundant Jellyfish.

This week has been a lot less predictable with rough seas and very wet weather thwarting our attempts to venture far from Tobermory Bay and the shelter of the Sound. However there were Bottlenose Dolphins seen from the Kilchoan ferry yesterday and our faithful Seals and Harbour Porpoise have been seen as well as the Eagles. Some of our seabirds have started to move onto their wintering grounds, the Manx Shearwaters for instance will be taking on a long distance journey to the coast of Brazil, the Puffins will also be toughening up for a hard winter out at sea.

However despite the weather taking an autumnal turn we still have a number of weeks left of the season and who knows what we will see in this time.

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