Thursday, 13 September 2012

First sighting of Orca this season

Well the season is coming to an end and the weather has definitely taken on an autumnal feel, however when the weather permits and sometimes even when it doesn’t there are still plenty of wildlife spectacles to be seen.

The highlight of August has to be the sighting of Orca just off Mull. Throughout the year there had been a number of sightings reported by fishing boats, but as Silver Swift set off on the 24th August, little did the people know they were to be the first passengers to catch up with this amazing species this year. The day started off a bit wet and overcast, but the boat was soon treated to a visit from some Common Dolphins, after this they headed further out the Sound of Mull and then someone saw the unmistakable sight of a male Orca surfacing, with their 6 foot dorsal fin they are very hard to miss. There was another wildlife boat out so they were quickly contacted and everyone felt honoured to see these magnificent animals in their natural environment.


Even though the weather isn’t being particularly kind to us at the minute we are still getting good views of the local wildlife. We have been lucky enough to have an Otter that has been sighted in the Bay a number of times in the last few weeks. As many returning visitors will know we lost Elvis our resident Otter a couple of years ago, but it is fantastic that another has taken over the area.

Our Eagles are still making their presence known, this year we were lucky enough to have Sea Eagle and Golden Eagle young successfully fledge and they are still being seen on a regular basis

Juvenile Sea Eagle attacked by Golden Eagle this is an amazing bit of footage and shows just how quick the Golden Eagles are, this was seems to appear from nowhere!


Whilst the Basking Sharks seem to have moved on, or at least under, when conditions permit the Minke Whales are still being seen well, hopefully this weather will let up and allow us to get out further afield a few more times before the end of the season. We will give a final end of season round up in a few weeks and let you know what has been about.

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