Friday, 13 April 2012

Mull Charters have a ‘Splashy’ start to the season

Mull Charters had their first trip of the 2012 season aboard the Lady Jayne on Wednesday and what a trip is was. As well as the amazing sight of a Sea Eagle, the 4th largest Eagle in the world catching a fish right beside the boat they were accompanied by a group of up to 7 Bottlenose Dolphins. These sociable animals were splashing and playing alongside the boat giving all the passengers an early season treat.

Bottlenose Dolphins are a transient species in the waters around Mull and pass through as and when, so to see them at any time is fantastic but to have them on a first trip is surely a sign of a great season to come.
Mull Charters run trips throughout the summer season with their Sea Eagle adventure tour running most days and also the chance to go fishing or join a trip to the island of Inch Kenneth.

This picture was taken on a Mull Charters trip last year, but shows the playful nature of the Bottlenose Dolphins
Pic by E Birder Marcus Conway.

 By Thursday the Dolphins hadn’t ventured too far as they were seen by Turus Mara out by the Treshnish Isles. These were not the only unusual animals seen on this trip yesterday as a Sea Eagle was spotted out at Staffa. Although these birds can fly huge distances and the short trip presumably from Mull to Staffa is but a short hop it is unusual to see these impressive predators out at sea.

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  1. Is that a dolphin? I never see a dolphin. I wish I could see them jumping.

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