Sunday, 8 May 2011

May brings increased sightings

May started off on an exciting foot as we had the first sighting of Orca this year plus numerous Basking Sharks and Common Dolphins all within 2 days. Since then Basking Sharks and Minke Whales have been seen regularly and we’re hoping this will set the precedent for the coming months. The recent increase in sightings of the Minke Whale has been welcome as until this week the number of sightings has appeared to have been down on the last few years, however the very early sightings of Basking Sharks just go to prove that the changing of the seas is affecting the wildlife and we should never take anything for granted.

One thing that has been missing over the past couple of days though is our pair of Sea Eagles. Usually seen on most trips, their absence has raised some questions, especially as they were sitting on eggs. Hopefully they will return soon, and go on to have another successful breeding season.

Just a quick update this time, but hopefully with this week being Wild Isles week up here meaning even more people than normal are out looking there will be lots of sightings to report soon.

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