Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Dolphin's make the trip

With a small group on board on Saturday we left Tobermory and went straight out to the local seal colony. Now the Common Seals have finished breeding they are coming back to this area and we had some nice views of the seals basking on the rocks. We then headed up to the area where we have been seeing the Sea Eagles and again weren't disappointed. On the way across the bay we had a view of 4 Peregrine Falcons flying behind the boat, despite there being a good population of this species on the island we don't often see them from the boat. Then we were treated to a good display by one of the adult Sea Eagles, it flew behind the boat scaring a large number of Gulls into flight as it passed, it then went and perched in a tree and patiently sat there for photos. After this we headed further offshore and enjoyed the sunshine and good conditions. Despite only seeing a few Harbour Porpoise all were happy as we headed for home and it was then the Dolphin's decided to show themselves.
We were treated to good views of 6 bow-riding Bottlenose Dolphins, including one small juvenile and as we looked around we realised there were many more in the area. Unfortunately our trip was coming to an end, so we started heading home and were accommpanied for a while by a small number. As we passed one of the other trips on the way out we informed them of the Dolphin's presence and by the time the boat had reached them, they had all come together and there were about 15 animals playing around the vessel.
We did manage to get some video footage and hope to put it on here soon.

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